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Strong Body.

Strong Mind.

Strong Community.


This is your very own gym and fitness centre right here in Stratford. Whether you’re wanting to build muscle, improve strength, tone-up, learn more about your body or just live a healhthier life, there’s a whole range of services for you to explore. 


It can be quite overwhelming stepping into a gym for the first time or even looking at whats available and trying to decide whats the best option for you, contact us so we can point you in the right direction. 


We are incredibly grateful for the awesome bunch of members we have and we are always open to more joining us on our journey as we help build strong bodies, strong minds and a strong community.

24/7 Gym

We operate as a professional, 24/7 community gym and offer comprehensive pricing options, fitness assessments, group training and personal training. Being well-resourced, we offer pin and plate loaded machines, free-weights, a dediacted fitness room, showers and so much more. Contact us to find out where to start

Group Training

Our group training is available for all age groups starting from 5 years old to 60+

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Focus on foundational movements and long term progression while learning good technique. Primal is the best start to resistance training. Build a strong and resilient body with the help of our experienced coaches.


Refit+ is designed for our 50+ age group. Learn proper technique to perform foundational movements and improve strength. Build confidence and resilience to take on everyday challenges that come your way. Let’s get stronger with the help of our experienced coaches. 

Strong Cubs

Strong Cubs & Primal Youth aim to instil discipline, confidence and resilience in our tamariki aged 5-13 years through rigorous full body training. Classes focus on bodyweight exercises and fundamental movements to improve strength, balance, coordination & cardiovascular conditioning.

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